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Introducing RIID, a Genomics as a Service Platform for collaborative interdisciplinary projects of any size.



Run a pipeline in three steps

1 Upload your sample data

We provide a number of ways to efficiently transfer your sample data, regardless of quantity or volume.

2 Select your databases

Upload you own database, pick up templates from NCBI directly from our platform or use our curated taxonomy collections to run your pipeline.

3 Configure your pipeline

Select and configure the tools you need.

From one cloud to another

We provide seamless integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to log in into your personal accounts and choose the files that will be transferred into our secured cloud storage.

A slow network and computational power is no longer a problem and you could even run a pipeline from your smartphone.

Already using Amazon S3 for your samples? Contact us and let us discuss how we can provide an even tighter integration with your current setup.

Resumable uploads

In Genomics, large samples are the norm, and loosing connectivity midways through data transfer is definitely not fun! That's why we provide resumable uploads.

We keep track of your progress and even if you accidentally close your browser, we will automatically resume transferring your data from where you left it.

Securely transfer large data files even under unstable network conditions.

NCBI integration

Search and select templates directly from NCBI’s nucleotides database. No need to download any files, let our tools fetch them directly for you.

Curated taxonomy

If you are not sure about the nature of your sample, we provide a curated set of templates that will help you to quickly refine candidates.

Share your results

You can choose to share results with your team or selected stakeholders with all related information and assets needed for publishing.

We provide multiple export formats for presenting your results as well as a set of customizable report templates.

Manage your team

Invite users to join your team, and keep track of their work and results.

Things you don't need to worry about

Our platform is a cloud based solution built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows us to massively scale up capacity, memory or computing power according to the current need.

We have a private container registry with tools that can be modeled into complex workflows supporting job dependencies, multi-node parallel processing and priority based scheduling.

Our platform can be easily tailored to your needs by extending it with project specific tools to power your next project.



Access to Databases and Genomic Tools
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Access to Tailored Pipelines and Storage Space
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DNA/RNA sequencing has become indispensable for basic life-science research, and in applied fields such as medical diagnosis, biotechnology, forensics, virology and environmental research.

Our goal is to develop the best Genomics as a Service platform for collaborative interdisciplinary projects of any size.

Our current iteration is restricted to comparative analysis with a pipeline compatible with long reads from Oxford Nanopore Technology devices. But we are constantly expanding our toolset to accommodate the needs of our customers and their projects.

We strive to keep our platform simple and accessible. We offer basic features for free and a transparent pricing scheme for subscription or single-purchase services.

Feel free to contact us for an informal chat about your next project. We provide a flexible platform and user–friendly interface for data handling.

Maj Beldring Henningsen

MScEng in bioinformatics; team leader at environmental expeditions in remote Himalayas, done multidrug-resistance research during her Master studies at Statens Serum Institut and assisted immunotherapy researchers in the biotech industry, all alongside a career as an elite ski athlete.

Rastislav Monošík

Ph.D. in biosensors; experienced life-sciences researcher (skills in molecular biology, bioanalysis and data analysis) was using and implementing state-of-the-art technological devices (biosensors, mass spectrometry, etc.), teaching, supervising, publishing, and leading research projects.

Ronald Jaramillo

MSc. in Architecture and Design; lifelong career in developing software solutions for a number of large and medium sized Danish and international companies; has been a core member and volunteer with Fablab Nordvest for the last 5 years, building a community and network around innovation and technology.


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